The Annapurna Circuit blew us away over and over again. The trek, the side trips and the little towns in between, were more beautiful than even our highest expectations and it was worth every aching muscle and blister.

I could go on and on about this trip, boring you with my repetitive use of superlatives but instead I want to show you. I’ve never taken more photos on a trip and I’ve never starred so many either, so I hope to put them to good use showing you why the Annapurna Circuit is incredible.

It’s not just the towns themselves that are so lovely but the people that live in them, and those you meet along the way. From little kids chasing us with fistfuls of leafy ammo to throw, to the women carrying cut grain the size of themselves on the steepest of paths. While being alone in the beauty of the mountains feels amazing, it’s also lovely to have these random encounters with locals, and always with a smile.




There are also animal encounters, usually of the hairy yak kind. The last two are my favourites. This cow had snuck into this tiny provisions shop and when the owner noticed he screamed so loud and attempted to kick him out and I snapped this shot just at the right time. And those buffalo made me pretty jealous with how much they were enjoying their bath!






Everything on the Annapurna Circuit seems to be in vivid technicolour. The sky, the river, the trees- everything in stark contrast to the brilliant white of the mountains. And don’t get me started on those prayer flags! Photo opportunities at every turn. In October especially the leaves turned a hundred different gorgeous shades.

Tilicho Lake





One of the perks of a long days trekking is that you get pretty sleepy, pretty early which means early rising for sunset is no problem! We witnessed so many incredible sunrises and sunsets on the trek. You have never seen the sun glow quite like it does in the Himalayas and when the light first hits those peaks and turns them a stunning shade of pink…wow.





Just in case the last 17 photos aren’t enough for you here are 3 more of the mountains themselves, in all their glory.

If you, or even anyone you know, ever has an inclination to visit this incredible region of the world, then go. You will not regret it.




What was your favourite image? Do you think the Annapurna Circuit looks worth it? Get in touch in the comments below, on our FB page and on Twitter!



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