It’s been well over two weeks since we got back into blogging and I think it is definitely long overdue an update on our plans for the coming year. 2015 is certainly shaping up to be an interesting one…

This week Oli and I are being swept away on a little ski break and family visit to Germany and Austria with my dad and step-mum and then the rest of January will see us rounding off our two-month long catch up session with all our loved ones. Because…we are off to Edinburgh! 


Way back in August when our friends came to visit an idea was sparked when our best friend James was discussing the future of his charity, The Turing Trust, over beers one night. His charity, which recycles computers in the UK and sends them to be used in schools in Ghana, has been running since 2009, fuelled by every spare moment James has and a few dedicated volunteers. But, it’s time to expand and James wants to enlist our help in doing so. For some reason he seems to trust us and we wholeheartedly trust in his passion, so we are saying ‘hell to it’ with the teaching jobs and moving up to Edinburgh, where James attends university, and learning the ropes.

This venture is a risky one and neither of us, James too, knows where it may lead, but while we are in a position free enough to take such an opportunity, an opportunity to learn and to give back in some way, we are grabbing it with both hands.

If all goes well and we don’t screw up too badly or become too poor, we’ll head back down south late February or March, continuing the work as we hop from my family to Oli’s soaking up more family time and taking advantage of a free bed. Then spring will hopefully see us head to Ghana for a month, or two (or 3?), to push things forward over there.

With James finishing a long course at uni in the summer there is talk of a celebratory trip somewhere else on the African continent… but this, and almost everything else this year, is not set in stone. Our plans right now are dependant on a lot and will no doubt change wildly from what we’ve set out here but we have a train to Scotland booked, a new and active work email address and empty minds waiting to be filled.

We’re excited for the new adventure, who knows where it may lead…

As always you can follow along on our crazy journey here on the blog, on twitter, Facebook and my beloved Instagram. See you there!


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