Those of you who follow Oli and I on Facebook may have seen our recent announcement…

We are moving to Vietnam!

On February 10th we fly to Hanoi with nothing awaiting us but a hostel room and promises of steaming bowls of Pho. Unlike when we moved to Korea after 8 months of applications, anticipation and planning, we are rocking up in country with just a little research, our criminal records checks and excitement.

It is pretty scary.

But from our little research Vietnam seems like the perfect place for us right now. The teaching scene is growing massively and it seems like there are jobs going everywhere for really decent pay. The jobs going also have a lot of flexibility, meaning we won’t be tied to a contract and can schedule our own teaching hours. This will be perfect for Oli who wants to continue with his Web Development and other online jobs. For me, I am itching to get back in the classroom.

Did you know that Vietnam is also where Oli and I met? Back in the early travel days of 2010…

It’s been an amazing year at home (and away!) but Oli and I are not finished yet with the expat life and those bowls of noodle soup are calling our names!


And the rest…

With the low cost of living and great salaries, we are hoping this will be a year for saving as we have some pretty big dreams we want to achieve in 2017.

But it wouldn’t be a proper expat journey without some adventures thrown in and with a few friends and family already signing up to come visit we hope to make it to Halong Bay and Sapa, both of which are relatively close to Hanoi.

We also have to revisit Nha Trang as it is where we first met. Maybe we’ll make it around our anniversary in September for extra nostalgia and romance 😉

We have a return flight home booked too as we have some exciting family events to attend in July but if everything goes well we will spend the rest of the year sticking to Hanoi.

In fact, it may be a year without visiting any new countries at all! Although who are we kidding, I’m sure we’ll fit something in somehow…

What travel plans do you have planned for 2016?

As always you can follow along on our crazy journey here on the blog, on twitter, Facebook and my beloved Instagram. See you there!


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