I know this topic is rather late seeing as I’ve been going on about Spring’s arrival constantly over on Facebook and Instagram, but we had such pretty pictures and great ideas from our Winter adventures over the last few months we thought it was a shame not to share them.

Winter in Korea can be pretty brutal. Compared to last years apparent lows of -27°, we were pretty lucky with the worst days being around -12° but that doesn’t change the fact that it was really bloody cold! However, Oli and I like to think we are just a tad hardcore and having to wear 2 coats and all the thermals in Uniqlo did not stop us adventuring. And what we found, with icy noses and numb fingers, was that Winter has a lot going for it.

Last week we finally got around to editing another GoPro video and showed you the delights of Jirisan National Park and we reiterated the perks of hiking in the colder months that we found when we went to Somaemuldo. So number 1 on our list of ways to make the most of winter is to strap on the hiking boots and start walking.

Our hike to Palgonsan, outside of Daegu, was almost halted by the early sunsets of Winter and the ice covered rocky path, but ultimately we had so much fun. So put on an extra Nike jumper and just do it.




Skiing in Korea really surprised us with how great it was, so this awesome activity is number 2. We headed to High 1 twice, and both times we had so much fun- it even impressed my ski instructor brother! Head over to our post and accompanying GoPro video for more information.



Our third Winter fun secret is to find your local, or not so, Winter wonderland! No matter where you are in Korea, in Januray an ice festival is never far away. We really wanted to make it up North to one of the huge ice fishing festivals up there, but when my co-teacher took me to one just 10 minutes from Uiseong we decided to stay local. Although it definitely wasn’t as crazy as I’ve heard the Pyeongchang Trout Festival can be, what with it’s t-shirt clad ice pool fishing, we had so much fun. We skated, we failed to fish and we nommed on hot and tasty Korean snacks.

Embracing Winter by celebrating it’s iciness at one of Korea’s great festivals, rather than escaping it staying inside, will make you appreciate the cold in a whole new way.






And finally, when you really don’t feel like putting on all the clothes and still getting goosebumps, stay inside! Our third way to survive Winter is to make the most of Korea’s super fast internet and download/stream/steal/borrow all the movies and tv shows your heart desires. We have had so much fun having movie weekends where we make the sofa our new bed and don’t put clothes on, and having nightly showings of the best TV shows (ahem Boardwalk Empire) with our expat friends.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a must. And superhero movies are always a winner.

The view from inside is pretty good anyway...

The view from inside is pretty good anyway…

So, there you have it. 4 ways to make the most of Winter in Korea. Do you have anything to add? How do you make the most of Winter, or do you simply escape it?

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