It is 7am and the sun shines like the moon, low in the sky. A pale yellow disk behind thin clouds.

Our bus pulls out of Uiseong and the mountains, farm lands and quiet villages roll by my steamy window.

Journeys have always been a pleasure to me, and here in Korea they are simply wonderful. Each new destination we visit here has been exciting, unique and beautiful, but more often that not it is the getting from A to B that has us understanding and delighting in the landscape and life of Korea.

Journeys reveal to us the significance of agriculture in a country where the breadth, height and chaos of the cities is like nothing I have seen before. Farmland and fields fill the gaps between these giant metropolis’ and provide a home for rural communities, and traditional Korean life.

Journeys reveal the endless mountains, small and large, rolling and peaking continuously across this little country. The mountains blow me away, I love them.


Oli bought a motorbike last weekend, giving us even more freedom with the journeys we take. The public transport system in Korea is pretty darn great, but being able to pick up and go whenever we please is a blessing!

So far we’ve only explored the area around where we live but it has got us super excited for doing longer trips. And don’t worry, we will always be careful and try and take smaller roads whenever we can- they are more beautiful anyway!

Our little journey on Sunday took us to some dinasoar footprints, 100million years old.


It took us past some of the most stunning mountains I have seen yet in Korea.


It took us past a random Pikachu statue that we unfortunately didn’t get a picture of, although we did snap this giant stone garlic statue just outside of town.

It took us up a non-bike friendly mountain path, and back down again.


To glistening lakes with patient fisherman.

And finally into the sunset on the ride home…


Last saturday marked month 2 in Korea. I know that I have many more spectacular journeys in the 8 months ahead.

Do you love journeys too? Tell me what you love about them in the comments below? 

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