It’s been over a year since I last wrote here.

It’s crazy to think how much has happened in that period, how much I could have shared about this chapter of our lives.

There are many reasons why I haven’t. Time. Work. General lack of motivation. All the usual ways life gets in the way of creativity.

In that time I haven’t stopped writing.

Tapping furiously away for my clients on my laptop. Scribbling messy musings in my journal. And then there’s the writing I do in my own head. Constantly writing blog titles, prose and poems as I walk the dog, stare out of the window in the camper, and when I try to sleep at night.

It seems that, since that fateful day in 2013 when I set up Journey Count, I have become a writer.

It’s what I write in the ‘occupation’ box on forms and it gives me such a kick every time I do so.

I can’t deny that imposter syndrome doesn’t sneak in and have me doubting the use of such a title for myself. But no matter my skill, experience, background or style, I write almost every day. People pay me for my words!

I am a writer.

And as my relationship with writing has grown and evolved over the last 6 years, so has my relationship with my writing space.

Journey Count – ‘a place to count my journeys and an account of my journeys’ – it no longer encompasses me, my life or my goals.

To be honest, the name hasn’t worked for a while, but I’ve struggled with coming up with a short and sweet, memorable name that could. Until, all of a sudden, it came to me.

So, welcome to Words by Jade.

This will a place where my words, words by me, can find a place to live.

I can’t promise that I’ll find the motivation to post as often as I used to, but I know that it feels really good to see that little hand-lettered logo in the top corner of this internet space.

I’ll slowly be changing the layout and the look of the blog (for what feels like the thousandth time) to work better for the new name and what I want to share here.

I’ve already moved the ‘work with me’ section to feature more heavily. Because, apparently, this is what I do now!

If any of you reading this long overdue update need, or know of anyone in need, of copywriting adventures that require tackling, then please let me know.

I have words falling out of my brain constantly. Maybe some of them will work for you…

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