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- The journey so far -

It all started back in 2010 when Oli and I met on the beach in Vietnam. We met travelling and basically haven’t stopped since. It’s been 7 years of adventure and we set up Journey Count as a way to document all that we were doing and to try to help others discover the joy of the journey too. 

Jade House

Hi there, I’m Jade. I started Journey Count back in 2013 to flex my creative skills and hopefully inspire others to discover this big, beautiful world. 

I’m now a freelance writer and marketing consultant, with the world as my muse.

Follow along for adventures in nature and musings about laptop life in between.


Hi humans, I’m Jimi. I’m rather new to the journey but I’m a pretty big deal. I’m Vietnamese and really adorable.

I don’t have a job as I’m pretty busy taking motorbike trips with these guys, eating and licking myself. 

Oli De Paolis

I’m Oli, Jade’s travel partner in crime, and co-founder of Digitial Nomad Design.

I spend my professional life developing websites and designing graphics. I’m much happier on the road though, so set up DND to allow me to keep following my dream.


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Moving to Korea

In 2013 we finished university and a few months later moved to South Korea to teach English. It was the best decision we could have made as new graduates. 

Moving to Vietnam

After more than a year at home post-Korea, we missed expat life and adventures in Asia. So we came back to where it all began…

Epic Adventures

Whether we are taking a weekend adventure or planning an epic 5 week hike, we love pushing ourselves to  getoff the beaten track.

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