We're back!

In fact we’ve been back home for a while but damn is it busy coming back home after 15 months away! We’ve felt like we have not stopped talking and our ears are bleeding from all the catching up that’s been going on with friends and family. Whoever said nothing changes has not met my friends and family! I even moved house! Not to mention the boring stuff like unpacking and organising doctors/dentists/opticians appointments.  We are exhausted. But it is fabulous.

15 months away- a year in Korea and then 3 months travelling Malaysia, Thailand and Nepal- was a whirlwind of crazy amazingness but it was a really long time to be away from our loved ones. We are relishing being back in the fold, although I’m sure soon enough it will be like we never left and we’ll be back to squabbling like usual…

Of course, this wouldn’t be a blog and life update if we didn’t tell you what was coming next! 

In the next few months are set to be no less manic as we tackle a brand new job, the New Year, a continually busy social life and updating you all on what the hell we got up to with all that walking in the Himalayas! I’m hoping the New Year will bring a boost of productivity and efficiency so that we can actually keep on top of it all. Any other girls out there have problems with the ‘feminine’ skill of multi-tasking?!

Our new career venture is a world away from anything we imagined this time last year but it is an incredibly exciting opportunity that we cannot wait to get started with. More to come in the coming weeks as we get it all figured out and become even more busy!

There will also be some changes coming to the blog as we are finally deciding to take the blogosphere by the horns and take things more seriously. We are thinking of rebranding which means a whole new name and a lot more focus on who we really are as travellers and bloggers. Be warned; Journey Count may soon be a distant but loved memory.

We are going to need your help though.

We’ve been away for over 3 months and I am still shocked at how many people are still finding their way over to Journey Count. We are so grateful to everyone reading as that is the whole point in this little space on the internet- to reach out to others about travel, amazing destinations and anything else we ramble on about. So thank you, and please continue reading! And, almost even more importantly, please connect with us too. We love hearing from you, whether it’s in the comments here, on twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we always need your feedback. It means so much to us when you show your support and we send you a big mental cuddle every time you share!

That is about it for now but if I’m on my game you’ll be seeing more from us on a more regular basis from now on!

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