Breaking away again from writing a travel post, I have been inspired this week by Kim over on So Many Places, who has started a wonderful new feature called Dear Life, in which she writes a weekly letter of gratitude to life and asks others to do the same…

Dear Life,

Thank you for the little things, like a cup of good tea. And thank you for the big things, like sharing that tea over conversations with old friends that have been a long time coming, but are no less easy and comfortable than the last.

Thank you for opportunities and the courage to take them.

Thank you for learning.

Thank you for my incredible family and friends who would love me to stay by their sides, but encourage and support me to seek my dreams elsewhere. Thank you for the Internet and all the connections I can keep alive easier because of it.

Thank you for the people who have come before me and shown me that an unconventional life is possible. A life filled with adventure and new experiences, and the all-important learning.

Lastly, Life, thank you for appreciation. Thank you for allowing me to take that small step back each day and be thankful for all that I have in my life. And thank you for Kim whose beautiful idea has pushed me to write this down.



I seriously urge you to check out Kim’s Dear Life posts and dare your heart not to be warmed! 

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