This is our last week in the country we have called home for the last 12 months. It’s our last week of eating all the delicious food we have fallen in love with. Our last week to spend with all the incredible locals and expats who have become like family to us. The last week to look out over the endless mountains we can see from our apartment, our last week in the apartment that may be the best we have in a good many years… or ever.

It’s a sad week. But when we look back over the last year, at all that we’ve done and all that we’ve seen, we can’t help but have enormous grins on our faces. It has truly been incredible. We could not have asked for a better post-university year, living the expat life and exploring a corner of the world that not many people venture to.

We will miss so much about this place, enough to fill a hundred more blog posts, but it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to appreciate all that this year has given us and leap into the next adventure.

We are beyond excited for Malaysia and Nepal, and also the plans shaping up for our future beyond that which, for now, we will keep under wraps.

We probably won’t be posting often, if at all, while we get back to basics with our backpacks on, but please keep stopping by and reading, and saying hi too.

So, for now, it’s goodbye. Or, as Oli’s students said to him, not goodbye but see you later…


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Update: Our Korea Journey Handbook is now available on the Kindle Store for only £2.58!


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