Recently we wrote about how to successfully survive a Korean Winter and have fun while doing it. Now, that blistering cold is a thing of the past and we have been spending our days admiring the beautiful spring flowers and sunshine- it’s wonderful.

However we have spent our evenings reliving the last few months as we catch up on the blog and edit our stupid amount of GoPro footage. Oli and I, well mostly Oli, have had so much fun getting to grips with the GoPro and Oli has become a pretty awesome little editer. There’s no doubt that we will continue documenting everything we do on this amazing little camera, but for now we wanted to share our final videos from our Winter funsies.

When my dad, brother and stepmum came to stay in January we took a trip back to High 1 ski resort with them. My dad has been skiing most of his life and my brother is a qualified ski instructor, so we couldn’t have not! The resulting video shows off his talents, as well as a few little tricks he taught us on the slopes. Enjoy!

The second video may just be the happiest thing I’ve ever seen. Every time I watch it, a perma-smile etches onto my face for the next hour! One of the ways we think you can make the most of winter in Korea is to celebrate it at a festival, this one close to where we live was so much fun.

This post is also an introduction to our new page on the blog, the ‘Video Journeys‘ page. It is here that you will be able to find all our GoPro videos in one place- we’ll try and update it each time we post a new one to Youtube. If you like what you see, we’d love to see you subscribe to Journey Count on the tube itself!

Thanks for watching!

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