Since we first started travelling 4 years ago, Oli and I have found an ever increasing love of hiking. From failing to hike the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia, to glorious days climbing the steep steps of the Great Wall of China, we have sought out sweat-inducing, breath-taking peaks across the globe.

With its many, many mountains, Korea has been a pleasure in the hiking department and we have been surprised how easy and enjoyable it is to hike throughout the year (even in Korea’s bitter cold winter)!

Hiking in winter is great for two major reasons: less sweat and less people. It’s as simple as that, and the fact that it hardly rains during the Korean Winter sure helps. Although there is no beating hiking when the trees are gold and red in Autumn, or pink and yellow in Spring, the bare trees and snowy ground have their own beauty. And did we mention there are way less people?!

We took one such hike a few weeks ago, before our wonderful onslaught of visitors, and have finally gotten round to editing some of the GoPro footage we had so much fun taking. After the success of our backscratcher GoPro extender, we attached the camera to a long piece of bamboo this time round and got some really cool shots of this hike in Jirisan National Park.

Having spent the two days in the lovely South Western city of Gwangju, we decided to accomplish the relatively close by Nogadan Peak rather than Jirisan’s highest (Cheonwangbong is usually reached via Jinju) and were not disappointed. The hike started at one of the most beautiful temples we’ve seen in Korea and ended with sunset over the endless mountains covered in snow.

Please, enjoy:

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