Today I want to showcase an incredibly talented friend, who has spent the last who-knows-how-long in one of my top ten favourite countries, Cambodia. Studying film at University and then finding crazy inspiration from his travels around Asia and beyond, Max Palmer makes seriously awesome videos that have me yearning for the laid back lifestyle of backpacking South East Asia. Oh, to travel back to 2010…

His latest video is set in Southern Cambodia, in the seaside mecca of Sihanoukville. Becky, the Americans, and I spent a week here way back when and had the time of our lives. Our friendship was blossoming, the sky was blue and the sun loungers only cost the price of an Angkor beer- life was good. 


We would spend our mornings having long breakfasts with great coffee, our days stretched out on the beach, simultaneously charmed and irritated by the touts of all ages, and our nights were whiled away eating the freshest sea food BBQ’s and drinking with fellow travellers. Travel is simple in Sihanoukville, in the most relaxing and enjoyable way.

But four years is a long time, and South East Asia is changing fast. I had always wandered what would become of the still-sleepy towns of Cambodia when tourism grew even more. However, I think what this video shows is that Cambodia is still a place to feel relaxed and excited, at home and far away, all at the same time. Oli and I seriously want to go back.

It’s obviously still a place to get a good deal too, as the trip Max and his friends took around the islands and beaches of Southern Cambodia cost less than $10. Let’s see what that can buy you shall we?

Since Sihanoukville, Max has been on am 8 day adventure around the Cambodian countryside in a tuk-tuk which he’s editing as we speak. If his series of music videos for Etherwood featuring his time in Cambodia and his recent trip to China are anything to go by, it’s going to be inspiring. To get the latest updates on his videos, you can follow along at or subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

What do you think? Want some Sihanoukville sun and surf in your life?

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