Well hello there strangers.



It’s been a while. 6 months and 6 days to be precise, and a whole 9 months and 8 days since we posted anything that wasn’t a shameless plug of our charity work or our eBook! And what a whirlwind 9 months and 8 days it has been.

This year we’ve been to Germany, Austria, Rome, Ghana, Istanbul and India and I’ve been to Morocco with my mum! But not only have we spent 120 days out of the country but here in the UK we’ve also spent 2 months in Edinburgh, been back and forth a hundred times to London and seen friends in Cornwall and Derby and camped in the Isle of Wight and the Lake District… phew!




So, with all this awesome travelling we’ve been doing why the hell haven’t we been posting on Journey Count?

Well, to put it simply, it’s been rather busy really and I guess we just got out of the habit. One week without blogging turned into 2 and then a month and then another and before you know it it had been… 9 months and 8 days.

But our most recent trip to India (OMG IT WAS SO AMAZING) lit a fire under our bums and we are super keen to start telling some stories again and sharing a million photos of cows.




I hope you’re excited.

To start this new chapter off with a bang, Oli just spent the last week making an amazing 97 frame video of all the amazing stuff we’ve done since he brought his GoPro in 2014 and it made me almost cry with happiness watching it. It has been an incredible 2 years.

Enjoy, and happy adventures,

Jade and Oli (JOli) x


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