IMG_1318After a wonderful Christmas at home and many weekends spent in and around where we live, Oli and I were in need of some serious adventure. So, when the opportunity arose to make the long (read 3 hour…) journey south to one of Korea’s 190 South coastal islands, we jumped straight on a bus bound for Daegu, leaving in our wake a lot of mess and many, now inedible, leftovers!

Hiking in Somaemuldo turned out to be one of our favourite weekends in Korea so far. The South Coast is absolutely stunning and we realised that getting out of the comfort of your Ondol heated home, and travelling into the deep dark Winter holds some wonderful surprises. We will be writing all about what we got up to, and the details of how we did it, soon – but for now we just wanted to share this, our first ever GoPro video!

With 5 minutes to spare until our bus, Oli managed to fashion himself a very successful GoPro mount using his beloved Korean backscratcher! It worked amazingly and he had so much fun filming with it, with only one hair-raising near loss of the camera that we will never speak of again!

So, without further ado, here is the result- we hope you enjoy it!


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