It’s hard to believe that we’ve been back in England for almost 11 weeks now and I’ve already told you about all the amazing things we did in Nepal and even already thrown in some posts about our new temporary home, Scotland. So, what now?

Well things are hotting up here with our new jobs and I thought I would take this opportunity to shamelessly plug about the amazing charity that Oli and I are working for.

Introducing, The Turing Trust.


The Turing Trust is a UK based sustainable development charity set up in 2009 by our great friend James Turing. James is the great-nephew of Sir Alan Turing and ever since visiting Ghana 5 years ago has honoured this legacy by bringing transformative technologies to those that need it most. We are dedicated to improving education and employability in Ghana and elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, giving students the means to take control of their future.

One way in which we do this is by providing access to computer technology in an attempt to bridge the digital divide. We take for granted our access to modern technology and being able to acquire information at the touch of a button but for most of the students we work with rarely have access to even a textbook.

Since 2009 we have established computer labs in 35 of the 75 schools we work with in Ghana. These schools are Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills (ICCES) teaching students in rural communities, aged 13-21, real-world skills like carpentry, tailoring, computing and catering alongside their studies of maths, English and science. We are aiming to have a computer lab in every one of our schools and then continue our work into other rural areas of Africa.

kids and computer

Student stares at Pi

How can you help?

Do you have any computer equipment just lying around gathering dust? Let us take it off your hands! We provide secure wiping of all data and make sure your equipment has a further 5 years of life in our Ghanian classrooms. See a full list of the equipment we take using THIS LINK.

Monetary donations as little as £6 can help us get one more computer to Ghana and £60 can send a young person to school, with accommodation and exam fees paid, for an entire year. We use BT My Donate to collect donations and you can donate through this handy little button:

Have nothing to give? That’s ok! You can also LIKE us on Facebook to join the community and keep up to date with all that we do in the UK and in Ghana.

And if you want detailed updates on the installation of our computer labs in Ghana as well as pictures and student stories then sign up for our newsletter using the following form.

For Oli and I it feels so great to be part of something so special, especially after being part of the education system in Korea last year. Being a teacher you cannot help but see first hand just how important a quality education really is to young people. We really hope that our input can improve the already successful scheme to reach even more students.

While I am decidedly biased, the Turing Trust is an incredible charity doing awesome things and if you are similarly passionate about making sure students world-wide get all the opportunities they deserve then I hope I’ve shown you the numerous ways in which you can support us.

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