Welcome to our monthly series of the Journey Update where we keep you clued up on where we are, what we are up to and the highs and lows of the month. You can find all our other updates here.



Where are we now?

In our respective homes with our families for Christmas.

Where have we been?

We started the month with 11 days in Edinburgh, for work. Next up was a classic Jade and Oli week of moving between Oli’s house, my Dad’s and then my Mum’s.

We had two little jaunts to Cambridge and London before going our separate ways to spend Christmas with our families for the rest of the month.

What have we been doing?

Up in Edinburgh we were busy with a lot of cool projects for the Turing Trust and Oli even rearranged the website if you want to take a look. We also had a lot of fun playing house in our friend James’ apartment and cooking up a storm after visiting the local Asian Supermarket, something we don’t have on hand in our home towns.

We also got back into blogging and video making which was a lot of fun and did a little redesign of the site. Let us know what you think!

We spent a lot of time inside being slaves to our laptops and chopsticks but we did venture out for some hiking and Edinburgh exploration.

Back home we celebrated Oli’s mum’s birthday and spent some time with my little step-sister who is visiting from Portugal. Actually we spent a lot of time with single digit little ones with two weekends with Oli’s cousins too.

As well as Edinburgh, Cambridge is another of our favourite UK cities and we are lucky to have a friend living there to visit and he took us on a lovely stroll of the city.

And then it was Christmas! I hope you all had as lovely days as we did and are still happily ploughing through those cheese boards that never seem to end.





Journey highs

Finally making it up to the very top of The Craggs hike. We usually stick to Arthur’s Seat but love this hike just as much, especially ending it with a walk up the Royal Mile.

Making and eating many bowls of Kimchi Jiggae. Oh how we still miss Korea and its spicy fermented cabbage!

Visiting the cute Stockbridge Market in Edinburgh and then taking a long stroll through the Botanical Gardens, followed by a home cooked roast. An absolutely perfect British Sunday.

Speaking at an important event on behalf of the Turing Trust went down really well and the fact that it was with one of our biggest supporters and a relationship that we have personally developed felt really good.

Seeing 2 museum exhibits in one month. We loved the BP Portrait Award exhibit at Edinburgh’s National Portrait Gallery and the National Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London was really, really incredible.

And, of course, Christmas with the family! Oli cooked for 7 this year and I had my brother back from Australia so smiles all round.

Journey lows

Realising that travelling back home from Edinburgh with Ryan Air is just as long as the train is kind of annoying. Even if it is sometimes stupidly cheap…

Not taking part in Alastair Humphrey’s Winter Solstice #microaventure through no fault but our own disorganisation.

I also still haven’t gotten into a yoga routine since being inspired in the yoga ashram in India. Again, no one to blame other than my own procrastination.


Top Instagram of the month



I love a good collage too and Cambridge at sunset created a great one with 22 likes. You can find me on Instagram here.

What’s next?

We have a few more weeks of home time with plenty of friend and family dates before heading back to Edinburgh for our last weeks of work. You’ll have to tune in next time to see where we are headed next!

Until then, keep enjoying the journey…

x JOli x

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