Welcome back to the Journey Update!

We are back to Korea, back to work and back to weeks rushing by in the blink of an eye! Like, seriously, how is it the weekend already?!

Our two glorious weeks in the Philippines trickled by so wonderfully slowly, something that hardly ever happens on holiday! It was lovely to once again not know, or care, what day of the week it was. We had white sand beaches, we had great company, we had (newly acquired) diving skills, we had cheap happy hour and we had no internet. It was absolute perfection.

The small island of Malapascua, north of Cebu, was a recommendation from my favourite travel blogger Alex Baackes from AlexinWanderland, and it was so great that we ended up staying there for a total of 11 nights out of our two short weeks in the country. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the increasingly beautiful weather and the great little dive community we had attached ourselves to. We mentioned in our gap year posts how we often end up rushing to see too much when we travel and this time we did the exact opposite.

This gave me the opportunity to finally get my Open Water. I now have a full blown diving addiction to match Oli’s, something my bank balance won’t be too happy about! Having been Open Water qualified since he was a little teen, Oli got his Advanced Open Water and we did a grand total of 33 dives between us. I’m already looking forward to, and planning, our next diving trip! Despite having way more of a traditional ‘vacation’ than we normally do (sitting on the beach more often than on a cramped bus), this holiday well and truly refuelled our wanderlust…

It also got us thinking about the future a lot. We haven’t mentioned much here on the blog, but Oli found out recently that his contract in Uiseong is non-renewable, meaning it is unlikely that we will stay in Korea for more than a year. The government are slowly getting rid of all high school jobs and our province was the first to implement this in the rural towns. It’s a long way off yet but it seems to always be in the forefront of our minds.

We had talked about staying on for another year in practically the first few weeks of living here, so we are a little bummed. However, we have an ever increasing number of amazing options to consider and we are pretty excited at the opportunity to try something completely new all over again.

After all that time underwater, we’ve even talked about careers in diving…

But, like I said, it’s another 6 months away yet and we have more pressing matters to attend to. Like finally uploading our holiday snaps to Facebook and persuading you all to visit the Philippines, because it is awesome!

Expect plenty of beach shots and sunsets to come over the next few weeks, as well as Oli’s venture into underwater videography. For now, here is a sneak peek at our favourite photos from beautiful Malapascua.








Have you ever been to the Philippines? Where did you go? How about diving? Isn’t it great?! Let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below. We love hearing from you.

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