One of my favourite things about travelling is the random little moments where the universe seems to have come together perfectly to make you smile. Those seemingly ordinary little moments that make you think ‘I am so happy right now’. It happens in ‘normal’ life too, like when I found a new perspective while walking my dog that time last year, but I find it happens even more frequently, and more randomly, whilst travelling.

One of these perfect travel moments happened on our first night in the Island town of Lamu, off the coast of Kenya. Now we’d been excited about this place for quite a while as we made our way from Nairobi to the coast, and after a hell of a journey where we inhaled a whole villages worth of dust and got bumbs on our head from the potholes, we had arrived. And it hadn’t yet disappointed. Imagine an island full of donkeys, mango shakes, hidden alleyways and the sea and you have the relaxing island paradise of Lamu!

I mean there was only one truck on the whole island and locals passed the evenings playing board games, you cant get more relaxing than that!

They sure love donkeys!

They sure love donkeys!

What also made this place so great for us was the accommodation we’d managed to stumble upon on arrival. Turning right from the port, we headed up one of those hidden alleys towards the centre of the island and found an old colonial style building with wonderful, cheap rooms. Our room had a four poster bed and overlooked the sea, a free, fruit-filled breakfast was included AND there was a rooftop terrace!

Sea view in Lamu, Kenya

Sea view in Lamu, Kenya

It was on this lovely little roof terrace, looking out to sea, that was the setting to my perfect moment. After a days exploring and cooking fish over a beach fire, we dragged our tired behinds up to the roof, relaxed into one of the comfy deck chairs and put Submotion Orchestra on the speakers. If you don’t know these guys, you need to check them out!

As we sat looking out to the ocean in silence it began to rain. Hard. And all we could hear in that silence was the thunder of rain on the tin roof, a sound that mixed so perfectly with the bassy beat of the music and in the background the sound of the ocean. It was a moment of such calm, and beauty and contentment.

I guess you’ll have to take my word for it!

Or listen to this track below the next time it rains…

Whether in travel or in life at home, I think it is so important to capture these perfect little moments, that can so easily pass unnoticed. We need to make sure that we are appreciating the little things and finding as much joy as we can in all that we do.
What are your perfect travel moments? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you!

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