Today we are celebrating with one week in our new home! Yey!

So renting apartments in Hanoi is pretty darn simple for expats, which is great news when you’ve made no other plans than simply arriving.

Through Amy and Andrew, of the brilliantly detailed Our Big Fat Travel Adventure Blog, I organised an appointment with one Estate Agent they recommended for the Monday after we arrived in Hanoi.

The others we simply walked into while walking around the Tay Ho area. It was all very simple and if anyone needs the contact of one of the guys we used we’ll be happy to share the love.

We met with these guys.


We simply told one of the free agents our preferred locations and price and they took us around the neighbourhood to view properties. Obviously, the more you tell them about what you want, the easier they’ll find the perfect place.


We viewed about 10 properties before we found this apartment and although it was a little higher priced than we wanted, we instantly fell in love with it. We negotiated down to $500 a month and were told we could move in 2 days later.


One thing to note about renting in Hanoi, and possibly elsewhere in Vietnam, is that you’ll have to pay for 3 months rent in advance as well as pay a deposit equal to another months rent. So we had to make sure we had $2,000 worth of Vietnamese Dong ready for the landlady when we went to sign our contract.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about finding teaching jobs in Hanoi, if you are moving here you should absolutely join the Hanoi Massive Facebook Group. They also post apartments for rent and rooms to rent in house shares which is a cheaper and more social option if you are on your own.


It’s really amazing what you can get for your money here so shall we take a look at our new home?!

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