Every Monday at school I have to attend a teacher’s meeting. It is 100% in Korean. I don’t understand anything apart from the occasional ‘teacher’ or ‘students’. It’s safe to say it is pretty boring, but showing my face there for an hour each week seems to show my respect and diligence so I don’t grumble too much.

This particular Monday I thought I’d be a little productive, rather than my usual looking dazed and half asleep, so I took my blog notebook down with me to plan some posts for the upcoming month. Flicking through the pages of scribbled notes I stumbled across the word ‘Malapascua‘ and a date from January 2014. As I read through the journal style entry I couldn’t keep the smile off my face and my heart from beaten just a little faster.

I thought I’d share what I wrote with you today…


‘Is there anything better than reading a great book while sitting in a bamboo throne, the sound of the ocean in your ear and a cold beer in your hand?

Maybe seeing the sun slice through the ocean to illuminate the already transfixing colours of the coral you are gliding over.

My buoyancy still needs some major work but when the dive is that good I feel like I’m a fish, or a cloud, almost weightless, floating perfectly in the blue.

Moments of pure happiness happen here.

When those rays of light shone through the ocean, I felt like weeping into my mask. I kept thinking “I’ve never seen anywhere so beautiful”.

And I hadn’t because I’d never been underwater like that. It was only my tenth dive and it was spectacular. The visibility was awful, but as close as we were, and as inexperienced as I am, it didn’t matter.

The coral was healthy, abundant and oh so colourful. everywhere I looked there were colours and shapes that you could never find together on land. It really is another world.

Three cuttlefish move around in front of us in the murk, enticing us over but moving far faster than my bad finning and the current can allow me. Later we hover over two mating, an act I’m only aware of because my guide, Chris, is making a crude gesture. The less vibrant female appears to be shooing the neon blue fringed male away, it’s amazing to see.

I spot a scorpion fish and a porcupine fish on this dive and am super proud of myself. For a moment I wish I had underwater housing, but then I take it back. Really, I am relishing this time with so little technology, and only my mind for the memories. It is forcing me to really pay attention, and live in the moment.

Discovering the underwater world leads to some pretty incredible moments.’


What do you reminisce about in boring meetings? 

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