Pokhara, where plentiful advenures abound!

We chose Nepal as our big post-Korea trip because we wanted adventure. We wanted to get away from it all, challenge ourselves and be more than a little daring. It wasn’t hard to find, all we needed to do was head to the pretty lakeside city of Pokhara.

Pokhara is hands down the adventure capital of Nepal, maybe even South Asia, and holds so many titles for best place to do so and so it’s ridiculous. Multiple week treks aside, and these are plentiful in themselves, there is so much on offer in and around the city that every other shop along Lakeside is devoted to such adventures.


The most obvious of all these is paragliding. Every morning, when you look up into the sky above Pokhara you’ll see a twirling army of colourful beings hanging in the blue. With views over the Annaourna range on a clear day it’s no wonder so many people flock here every year to have their chance to fly.

Oli has wanted to fly for as long as he can remember and after a few failed attempts at booking a flight in Korea I knew I had to make it happen for him in Nepal. But he was so damn obvious about his desire for paragliding that I knew I had to do something bigger than his high expectations.

Step in the ridiculous sport of parahawking. Paragliding with a trained bird of prey as your guide who enjoys tips of the raw meat variety.

I think this video says it all.

Normal tandem flights go for around $80 for half an hour and parahawking is around double that.


After trekking and paragliding the next most popular activity is rafting. The rivers in Nepal, fed by the mighty Himalayas are some of the best in the world for mutli-day white water rafting and kayaking trips. From day trips on the Trisuli to 8+ day expeditions along the Karnali, there is something for everyone and you would be stupid to miss out. Long trips become pretty expensive but $50 a day short trips are so worth the money.

We booked a two-day raft on the Trishuli and, while we missed a day due to me having food poisoning, we had the most amazing time. There is nothing quite like cursing down a raging river in a bouncy raft with 6 of your new found travel best friends to put a smile on your face.

A video to deomstrate?

Paddle Nepal is the firm favourite in Nepal but while there were a few hiccups we had a great time with Adrenaline Rush. We loved that they played stupid games with us on the calm sections of the river and our guide and safety kayaker were nothing but professional. The picnic lunch was pretty great too!

Next time we are in Nepal we are definitely taking on a bigger, crazier rafting trip.

royal enfield

Not as famous on the tourist trail but alive in the hearts of motorbike lovers everywhere is a road trip on the classic Royal Enfield Bullet. While the roads in Nepal make you question how to define such a concept, these sturdy and beautiful bikes are more than enough to handle them and give you hours of riding pleasure. And, after trekking, there is no better way to take in the astounding views Pokhara has to offer.

Heading away from lakeside with little more than a vague sense of direction and getting lost in the mountains are some of our favourite memories.

A bike costs around $20 a day depending on who you hire from and normal scooters are considerable less, but also less fun.

Another video, if you please.

While there is also mountain biking, bungee jumping, boating and ultralighting, our final adventure came in an entirely different form. Rappelling down through waterfalls.

We actually booked our canyoning trip in Kathmandu, and did it a few hours South of Tibet, but canyoning is another water-based craziness to be had in Pokhara too. And the amazing Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort deserves a post of its own.


Pokhara is full of adventure in so many different forms, for a variety of prices and for both experts and novices alike. Whether you’ve never taken a risk in your life or you’re a full blown adrenaline junkie, Pokhara has something for you. Then, when it all gets a bit too exciting, Pokhara’s chilled out, care-free atmosphere will bring you down to earth, with a honey, ginger, lemon tea in hand and a cosy lakeside seat to reside in.

Which adventure sport intrigues you the most? Have you done any of these and where? Get in touch 🙂

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