We just signed a two-month lease in Hoi An! Yep, after just a month on the road, we are settling back into another stint as Vietnam expats but this time renting a house in Hoi An. Life on the bike (plus one week in Taiwan) was amazing and we could have certainly continued until we reached Saigon. But these two nomads do love to nest, and with dreams of van life in the not too distant future, we decided to take advantage of the affordable rentals in Hoi An and stay put for a while.

I feel like an idiot for never posting about our gorgeous Hanoi house (2 bedrooms, $350) like I did with our first apartment. So, this time I’ll make up for it by showing you our house and Jay’s apartment here in Hoi An. We both used the lovely ladies at Nha Toi Real Estate to help us find a home in Hoi An. They showed us a few places in different neighbourhoods based on our budget but nothing seemed quite right. We then personally wandered around An Bang beach area asking small guesthouses if they’d consider a 1-month rental. We found a few and would have loved to stay on the beach, but then a house opened up right next door to Jay in the Cam Chau neighbourhood. If you are looking for a really short-term rental like we originally were, Airbnb and asking in person may be a good option as many landlords won’t want to rent for less than 2 months. Not a member of Airbnb? Get £25 off your first booking by using this link. Between Hoi An Ancient Town and the beach, just off Cua Dai road, Cam Chau it is a fantastic location for renting a house in Hoi An. Plus, there is an incredible My Quang and Cao Lau restaurant just across the road from us! This is the Cam Chau area and THIS is a video Oli made of the neighbourhood… oh yeh, we bought a drone!!

One Bedroom House in Hoi An for $350

Our place is a 1 bedroom house with a spacious open plan kitchen and living space. The kitchen came with all the appliances we need, including a 1 hob electric burner, rice cooker and kettle, plus crockery and other kitchenware.

All our furniture is made from beautiful dark wood and includes a small coffee table and chairs and a bench-style dining table that is perfect for working from. The back double doors lead out into a tiny courtyard with a washing machine and some lovely plants. This is also where we keep the bins as there is a serious ant problem in this area!

Out front, we also have a gated front garden of sorts where we can park the bike. The landlord was happy to hear Oli ask about a house for watering the beautiful trees and plants there. The bedroom is a full height mezzanine style room with a walk-in wardrobe. The bed is extremely comfy and it came with sheets, pillows and duvets. The bathroom is a semi-wet room with a rainfall shower. Our one major complaint is that the water pressure isn’t great.

The rent is $350 per month and we paid 2 months, plus a one month deposit, up front. This does not include bills. We also paid our water bills (150,000vnd/pm) and internet (250,000vnd/pm) up front. The electricity is 3,000vnd per unit. The house is bright, airy and we have already fallen in love with it. The palm trees and banana trees outside our bedroom window are especially nice!

One Bedroom Apartment in Hoi An for $300

Jay’s place is a one bedroom apartment just next door. He is in the upstairs apartment of a small, modern 3 apartment complex with its own gated front yard. He has two small balconies, one from the open plan kitchen and living area and one from his bedroom. The former is home to the washing machine and the latter looks out onto palm trees and the street below.

The two rooms are both really spacious and similarly, come with beautiful wooden furniture and a small dining table. The same landlord owns both properties. The best thing about Jay’s place is the crosswind from two well-placed windows, making the rooms fresh and bright, and great water pressure.

Finding a house to rent in Hoi An was really simple and once we found a place we liked, we were moved in within a few hours. Although there certainly isn’t as much choice as in Hanoi, the options are a lot nicer with larger rooms and good amenities.  You can’t really go wrong with Nha Toi either as they speak fantastic English and are happy to be the go-between with landlords and ladies.

If you are looking for a hotel in Hoi An, we couldn’t recommend this one enough.

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