As usual with Oli and I, life be cray! We were so excited to come up to Edinburgh to start work with our friend’s charity the Turing Trust and stick in one place for a while. But of course it’s been non-stop since the day we’ve arrived! It’s been amazing though and we’ve already learned so much.

And when you live with students it’s easy to take a mid-week weekend skiing trip! We can’t really complain can we?

So, as we’ve been so busy I’m interrupting the Nepal coverage with a little insight into what it’s like to ski in Scotland because, you guys, you totally can and it’s awesome!


In order to get the most runs in as possible we got up at 6 and drove three hours outside of Edinburgh to Aviemore where we stopped by the Active Outdoor Pursuits store for our gear. At only £17 for skis per day we walked out smiling and drove straight up to Cairngorm Mountain ski resort. No queues and a £34 ski pass later, we were on our way!




Like skiing in Korea, the resort is pretty small but the range of slopes is decent and the snow on the first day was absolutely lovely. We had a lot of fun flying down the long blue slopes and heading back up the train again and again.

Now, I learnt to ski in the alps and I have to warn you guys, the lack of chairlifts and love for reaaallly long button lifts in Scotland was a shock! Our thighs were burning on the way up and down! Although, you do get great views from them when the sky clears.

We massively enjoyed our two days here, and two is enough, and then getting a locally brewed Cairngorm beer and pack of haggis flavoured crisps at the end of the day was a true Scottish treat!


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