Untitled 2Hello to all – we hope that everyone is well and happy! We want to tell you some exciting news about our South Korean travel guide.

Has it really been 4 months since we were last on Journey Count? We’re so sorry for not updating you over the past few months, but we’ve been super busy working on lots of exciting projects for The Turing Trust. In fact, Jade and I will be heading to Ghana in June for a two month work trip, combining evaluation, computer installation and teacher training. There are some extremely exciting projects we’re going to be undertaking, and you can stay up to date by signing up to our Turing Trust mailing list… *this post may or may not be full of shameless plugs*…

We’ve (sort of) been in the country for nearly 6 months now and are loving life surrounded by friends and family. We’ve managed to take a wonderful trip down to cornwall to visit an old friend from our trip to Nepal, visited my family in Rome, and are trying to take every possible opportunity to take micro adventures across the UK.

Although, that’s not to say we haven’t been missing our beloved expat life in Korea…

In fact, our other piece of exciting news, is that the book we published back in September 2015 is now for sale in the kindle and itunes stores. The guide is all about what a wonderful country South Korea is, and will give you some enchanting advice about all the adventures you can have there.

Our guide will give you a local’s perspective, share secrets about hidden hiking and cycling trails and show you the way to some of the nation’s best restaurants. In fact the event calendar will make sure that you don’t miss a thing during your visit, and all destinations which are difficult to get to are accompanied with travel instructions. Korean writing will help you to communicate, and our recommendations will be interesting to even the most avid and intrepid traveller. We absolutely adored our time in Korea and want to help other travellers experience the joy of this lovely, little country too.

We hope you choose to support us, and would appreciate it HUGELY if you could share this across you social networks. We’ll be back soon with a proper update, so look forward contacting you all again soon.




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