Starting our trip in Malaysia came about simply because of its cheap Air Asia connections to Kathmandu, and it turned out to be the perfect reintroduction to South East Asia.

Bustling, colourful, delicious and so totally different to Korea, we walked around with permanent smiles on our faces the whole time we were there. Here’s a little insight into what we got up to.

Of course, food was our first priority. The mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese was incredible after delicious but homogenous Korea and a food tour helped us understand just how much Malaysians love to eat. Just like us!




Malaysia is predominantly Muslim and it was my first time seeing so much Islamic architecture- it blew me away. Also, is it weird to call a building gorgeous? Because that’s exactly how I want to talk about the Petronas Towers.



Again, after Korea seeing the mix of different religions in Malaysia, Islam, Hindu and Buddhism, was fascinating.



The Perenthian Islands is hands down the most stunning place I’ve ever been. Swimming in the sea was like being in a giant, salty pool.


Getting to hang out with my brother and his friends, as well as Ben from Korea, was so awesome. They were at the end of a huge sojourn around South East Asia and extended to spend some time with us. We spent that time exploring, diving together and listening to their utterly ridiculous travel stories.


After the paradise of the Perenthians, Georgetown, Penang, was my absolute favourite place. Wandering the streets in search of the famous street art adorning its crumbling walls was the perfect travel day.


While we haven’t really been bothering to connect to the increasingly abundant Wifi out here, we wanted to share a little something with you and stay tuned for a little more about a spontaneous trip we took outside of the country!


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