Travel Advice

 Travel advice from 7 years of travel across 55 countries 

You can’t travel as much as we do without picking up a trick or two. Now, we don’t claim to know it and all. And damn it if we don’t continue to make the same silly travel mistakes, but we are happy to impart the knowledge we do have to help you travel bigger and better.

Teaching Abroad

We both taught English in South Korea in 2013 and 2014 and later, in 2o16, I taught English in Vietnam for 5 months.  We believe teaching English is a fantastic way to travel.

Travel Budgets

Budgeting can be the most confusing part of travel, especially long term travel, so we share our real-life budget breakdowns and tips to help guide your spending.

Packing Guides

Whether you are looking to a move to a new country or simply take a 2 week holiday, we’ve got advice on what to wear and the important things you can’t forget.

Trekking in Nepal

We spent 5 unforgettable weeks trekking through the Nepalese Himalaya in 2014 and it is still one of the best adventures we’ve ever taken. 

Travel in Korea

We spent every non-teaching moment in South Korea, exploring ever inch of the country. We would love to help more people discover this hidden travel gem.

Vietnam by bike

The best way to see Vietnam is by renting or buying a motorbike. We’ve been through 6 bikes in Hanoi and have taken countless weekend adventures.

We also wrote a Korea travel guide

We took everything we knew about travel in Korea and created this guide to help you discover the highlights of this off the beaten track Asian destination.

Download it now for:

  • sample itineraries
  • detailed destination guides
  • advice on sleeping, eating and adventure

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